Our Mission:

Ghea Blends & FPBs mission is to provide uniqueness and naturally safe products which is distinct from the available market.

About Us:

Ghea Blend is a contemporary line of oil based fragrances made for men, women and kids. Ghea Blend was created in 2011 by Rahela JQ in the beautiful Northern California. After working with fragrances and essential oils for seven years, her passion grew more for delicate and long lasting natural scents. She strives to capture the essence and beauty of the natural world as well as those of her feelings and thoughts. Each perfume is a work of art. Our hand blended perfume oils and fragrances are soft, but seductive. Our collections of 9 fragrances are made of different extracts from natural plants and flowers. Each has unique ingredients to complement different personalities. Some provides warm and smooth aroma of Dhnal Ood and musk. Some consist of fresh floral and hints of fruity note, and some just pure amber. Our perfume oil is natural and has no alcohol. Ghea Blend is not animal tested and it is free of any harmful ingredients to skin and or nature. They each create slightly unique scent with every individuals body chemistry. These fragrances will add a new dimension to your creations.