Classy Slim with Ivory Tassel

Classy Slim with Ivory Tassel
Code: CSITSP50
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 Item Type: Perfume Atomizers
 Item Description: 50ml(2oz) Classy Slim Clear glass bottle with Ivory Antique spray top.  Spray top is screw on  type allowing bottle to be refilled

Item Capacity: 50ml (2oz)
 Item Height: 5.64 inch (143.3 ± 1mm)
 Item Width: 1.2 inch (30.5 ± 1mm)
 Item Thickness: 1.2 inch (30.5 ± 1mm)
 Closure Type: Antique Spray Top with Tassel
 Mouth size: 10.20mm
 Neck Thread Size: 18/415