Clear Bottle with Gold Cap & Bead

Clear Bottle with Gold Cap & Bead
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 Item Type: Small Decorative Perfume Bottles
 Item Description: 1 dram (3ml or 1/9oz) clear octagonal perfume bottle with plastic applicator and golden cap. Golden cap has colored bead on top. Red, Blue, and Green beads available. Please specify your preferred bea
Item Capacity: 3ml (1dram, 1/9oz)
 Item Height: 43 ± 1mm (1.69 in.)
 Item Diameter: 18 ± 1mm (0.71 in.)
 Closure Type: Plastic rod applicator plug and golden cap.
 Mouth size: 7.0mm (0.27in.)
 Neck Thread Size: 14.3mm